Austin Russo

About Me

Hi, I’m Austin Russo. I am the son of Joe and Teri Russo. I am currently a senior at Woodlawn Community High School. I am involved with bass fishing and in FFA I am currently the second vice president. Some of my hobbies include fishing, hunting, and anything outdoors related. I was interested in CEO because I liked the idea of running my own business. My mom and dad currently run their own business and I hope one day I am able to too. For my personal business I am creating a robotic duck that will retrieve a dead ducks when it goes down in the water. Hunting has always been a passion of mine, and I’m really glad the CEO program has opened up this opportunity for me. The CEO program has put me into contact with a lot of great and inspiring people that will help me throughout life.  

About My Business

Russo Outdoors 

                                                                             Austin Russo
                                                                      19662 North Pisque Ln. 

The overall goal of my Russo Round Up Duck is to build and sell high quality waterfowl hunting equipment, making it easier for the waterfowl hunter to retrieve his downed bird quickly and discreetly.My target market market are local sporting goods stores around the southern Illinois area. Duck hunters will use the Russo Round Up Duck over other brands because of the uniquely designed basket that will tow your duck back to you with ease.