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My name is Holli Buretta. I took CEO because my father own his own construction company and one day I want to open my own Civil Engineering firm. I participate in my schools varsity golf, basketball, and track and field team. I’m the Secretary for my FFA chapter. It was hard to come up with a business that I could start in high school that would be worthwhile, but I finally figured it out. My business is Buretta Infrared Inspection. I do inspections on structures and determine where energy is escaping the structure by using an infrared camera. I then create a detailed report for the customer with pictures and descriptions of the problems found. Next year, I plan to study civil engineering at the University of Evansville. I hope to keep Buretta Infrared Inspection running throughout college. I feel like my time in CEO was very valuable, and the connections I have made will last a lifetime.

About My Business

Holli Buretta

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Buretta Infrared Inspection is an infrared inspection company. We detect where energy is escaping a structure. Buretta Infrared Inspection provides customers with the knowledge needed to adequately prepare their infrastructure for what nature throws at them. Infrared inspection is a growing market. It is very popular in urban areas. There are currently no infrared inspection companies in the Jefferson County area. We guarantee to provide our customers with acceptable and accurate information. Anyone who owns a building will want an inspection done to ensure that their homes are energy efficient and doing their part in helping the environment by not wasting energy.