Nick Villani

About Me

Hello, my name is Nick Villani. I am a senior at Mt. Vernon Township High School. My personal business that I am starting for CEO is Villani Vending, a candy sales company. I hope to be selling 35,000+ units of candy per year within 3 years by using independent sales representatives and vending machines to increase my volume of sales. The CEO program has pushed me beyond my comfort zone and expanded it in the process. It has provided me opportunities to meet and work with driven and ambitious people I never would have met in a normal school environment.The CEO program has been the most valuable class I have ever taken.

About My Business

Villani Vending

Nick Villani

2215 Broadway St, Mt. Vernon IL, 62864


Villani Vending aims to provide customers with popular snack items in a convenient manner. Villani Vending sells snack items by the single unit and brings the product directly to the customer. My target market consists of anyone who is nearby when my business is open for sales. Villani Vending is unique in that it’s salespeople bring snacks directly to customers, rather than requiring customers to find them when they want a snack.