Phoenix Graham

About Me

Hello my name is Phoenix Graham, I'm 17 years old. My parents are Jeff and Cathy Graham. I am a local artist who is seeking to make it in the big leagues. I am the owner of Renevatio Design. Renevatio Design's goal is to bring color into Southern Illinois. Renevatio Design focuses on spray paint art which can be put on canvas, pallets, or even walls. 

About My Business

Renovatio Design

Phoenix Graham

9882 E Beal Road

Mt. Vernon IL 62864


  Renovatio Design is a custom art company owned and operated by Phoenix Graham. The mission of Renovatio Design is is to provide the community of Mt. Vernon with custom made design products, commissioned by customers and designed by Phoenix Graham. There is a limited number of artists in our community, Mt. Vernon is lacking color in its overall culture, and Renovatio Design is committed to providing quality works of art to brighten the fabric of our community. Renovatio Design provides different types and styles of art, focusing on customized décor products, murals and signage. The target customers include anyone in the community with the desire for customized art pieces with the financial stability required to afford discretional expenditures such as artwork. Smaller, less expensive pieces, such as sports logos and primitive pieces appeal to all ages and financial status. Locally, artists willing to produce pieces customized to the customer’s vision and requirements are limited. Renovatio Design is unique as customizing art pieces according to the customer’s requests is our specialty