Quinton Kujawa

About Me

Hey my name is Quinton Kujawa, I am a senior at Mount Vernon Township High School. I play basketball, and baseball at MVTHS as well as being involved in numerous programs at the school. My parents are Craig and Julie Kujawa. In CEO I have met a lot of new people and made a lot of new connections. My personal business will be K Boy'z Handyman Service. It is set up as a sole proprietorship and I will contract some of my friends out to do the tasks requested as well as do some jobs myself. 

About My Business

K Boy'z Handymen

Quinton Kujawa

12535 East Heritage Drive 

Mount Vernon, IL 62964

(618) 316-3086


         K Boy'z Handymen is a Handymen service interested in providing Jefferson county residents high-quality and fair priced service. We are interested in detailing cars, pressure washing houses, fixing iPhone screens and moving furniture. We will be targeting a very diverse crowds. We will be able to target people ages 18-80, both genders, and any backgrounds. Not only are we ambitious young men looking to contribute to the community, but we will do a quality time in a time effective way as well as well as accommodate locations.