Grant Lisk

About Me

Hello! I'm a 17 year old senior from Mt. Vernon High School. I'm involved in Honors Club and National Honor Society. Outside of school, I enjoy hunting and other outdoor activities. I am also very involved with my family farm where I work. I joined CEO because I think that it's a great opportunity to get involved with the community.  I look forward to the chance to meet new people and learn first hand how they got started as business leaders. 

About My Business

A&L Hypewear

Grant Lisk & Andrew Ashby

“We provide the Hype”

A&L Hypewear is a company that re-sales  limited hype ware clothing from various high-end brands. Due to the popularity of the brands we sell, the supply for these products does not meet the demand.   The missionof A&L Hypewear is to provide hype wear clothing at market price.  The vision of A&L Hypewear is to expand our business into our own hype clothing line to be sold on our own website.  The market for hype wear is primarily higher income consumers from all around the United States.